Acidic body to Alkaline body-Life or death health issue

Discover how The Alkaline Diet works-you will experience, possibly for the first time in your life, Vibrant Personal Health!

My acidic fat body was taking a serious toll on my health both physically and mentally.  Waking up in a sweat where my Mother, in my realistic dream that night, told me I was dead and in spirit.  I was shocked but I knew this day was coming.  Thank goodness it happened in my dream and this warning appeared to me just in time by something, someone, somehow.  It was time to make the decision I knew I had to make and I did!


Since I am not a believer in the gradual process, my choice was to jump in and sink or swim.  A vegan with all the vegan habits was now my new lifestyle.  Can you go cold Turkey and have success?  Yes and absolutely! You must come to and accept the realty of decision making and what it means.  Once this is mastered, you become a master and will be on your way to creating habits that support you and make you feel powerful and in control.  Is this not the way it was intended for us to be?


After telling my friend via email about my progress, she added to this new lifestyle with her view on things.  I thought I would share this with you now.  Anything worth writing that will help us create a routine that supports us in maintaining an alkaline body is well worth the read.  My email to my friend included some detail on a dinner prepared by my wife.  Dinner consisted of breaded chicken baked in the oven, mashed potato, corn, and spinach.  Oh yes, and GRAVY.  I chose without regret, to eat spinach which I used with 2 fresh dinner rolls.  Here is my friends emailed comments to me:


“That is good, but not the gravy. 
I found out that if you eat 2 slices of Gouda cheese a day ( I think that is how to spell it) you will not, will not get cancer.  Ha!  And a real important thing…Glutathione found in tuna,broccoli, cauliflower, garlic, onions and milk thistle  will fix any problems that are starting including heart disease, diabetes, and any illness.  Dr Oz said it is the most important thing he has had to say on any of his shows.  These are sulfur rich vegetables.  So the list is like this:
Best Antioxidants:
-canned brown beans
-blood oranges
-Brazil nuts
-gala apples
-water( hot water in the morning with lemon ) plus normal amount of water. 
Those are super foods but tuna, broccoli, oats and Brazil nuts are very important to fix damaged cells.  Also body can only handle small meals at a time.  Our body has to work 2x as hard to digest large meals and can shorten our life too.
That is it….2 years of listening to Dr. Oz and this is what I have compiled, oh yes and exercise.  Old age here I come.  One more important thing but I have forgotten.  Oh yes, stuff cooked on a barbecue is cancerous.  Especially the meat that goes black and crispy.  It has a lot of cancer causing agents in it.
I know this is long but just think of how many hours or reading and watching Dr. Oz that has compiled this list.  Even though I understand all this to alkaline my blood, habits seem to still control me.  I am going to start putting all this stuff to use each day.  First I am going to the Dr to get a physical so in two years I can go back and see what has happened to my body.  I will still eat eggs, milk, drink Pepsi but cut down and eat my lemon donuts :)    This is like a novel… I’m not kidding it is notes and notes of info.  I also have a lot on keeping ourselves looking young.  

We will reverse the aging process and fix any disease in our body with these foods.  You can fix the high blood pressure and I can fix the high cholesterol.  Although it is not too high it is 6 and at 11 you have a heart attack.  I am borderline just starting to build in the arteries.  Ok I am finished. :-)


Our pleasure to share with you…thank you for taking the time to read.  My friend, as you can see, still has issues with acid producing products like “Pepsi” and donuts.  It is wise to regard this seriously so please read and learn more about using an alkaline diet way of life today.


Discover how The Alkaline Diet works-you will experience, possibly for the first time in your life, Vibrant Personal Health!




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